Before ordering please:

  • Set Discord verification level to LOW (see guide). 
  • Disable all anti-raid bots 
  • Disable all verification bots
Failing to remove anti-raid bot and verification bots before ordering will result in our accounts getting banned.

We strongly recommend you to start with small order amounts first to test out the service.

Members will be added to your Discord server via a Discord bot (invite only permissions), this allows you to get members quickly and avoid issues where some members get stuck in delivery. 

This Discord bot will have invite only permissions and can be kicked from the server once members delivery is completed. Bot invite link will be provided to you after you have placed an order.

To buy Discord reactions, you'll have to buy Discord members first. The members you bought will be the accounts giving reactions

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Payment method

Why do we ask this?

We need this information to comply with tax and accounting regulations.

All transactions are secure and encrypted