Limits & delivery speed information
Minimum 20 votes & maximum 500 votes per post or comment.
Order processing time less than 30 minutes.

How many upvotes should I send?
If the post you are looking to outrank has 100 upvotes, you should aim at 110-115 upvotes so 10-15% more.

What delivery speed should I choose?
If the post you are trying to outrank has 100 upvotes in 2 hours (120 minutes) you can calculate delivery speed by dividing upvotes with post age in minutes 100 / 120 = 1.2 upvotes per minute. The safest option is to use similar upvotes speed or the next possible option that is faster. Following our example either 1 upvote per minute or 5 upvotes per minute.

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Note When Using Our Downvote Service 

• A newly published post can be reduced the number of votes and percentage of upvotes 
• For posts that were published more than 2-3 hours, the number of votes would not be decreased, but the percentage of upvotes would get affected.
• In case the vote doesn't get decreased. it will still affect the ranking, The ratio of upvote/downvote will still get decreased.
• Downvotes could not get counted towards posts and comments which are old or due to Reddit server issues. Purchasing means you will not get a refund if the post/comment vote numbers are not decreased

Read this before ordering Downvotes:

Reddit downvotes will work the best if the post/comment is less than 2 hours old.

Downvotes won't always appear as to post/comment if the post/comment is older than 2 hours.

With downvotes, Reddit's mechanics won't be specific. For example, 100 downvotes doesn't mean 100 upvotes fall to zero in every post or every time.

However, no matter what is displayed, 100 downvotes at all times have the same value. It lowers the rank, reduces the visibility of the post/comment from other users.

To get the correct link go to the Reddit post, click share and copy link.
To get the correct link go to the Reddit comment, click share and copy link.
If no option is selected we will deliver at normal speed = 10 subscribers/min.
If no option is selected we will deliver at normal speed = 10 votes/min.
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