Instant Order Fulfilment πŸ“¦

SocialPlug is proud to now offer instant fulfilment for the following services:
  • Twitter NFT Likes
  • Twitter NFT Retweets
  • Twitter NFT Followers
  • Twitter NFT Comments (mention comments & custom comments)
In rare cases where we need to process your order manually it might take us up to 12 hours.

Reseller & VIP Customer Discounts πŸ‘‘

Discounts available for VIP customers with total spend over $2500. Create a support ticket & our account manager will give you a special recurring discount code that applies to all your future orders.Β 

Twitter NFT Automatic Engagement πŸ€–

How does it work?

- Within the course of 30 days, you can post as much as you like. Our Twitter NFT accounts with engage (like, retweet & comment) on all your new Tweets.

- To get the maximum amount of engagements we recommend you to wait up to 24 hours between each new Tweets. Our accounts engage like real humans, it will take time for all engagement to build as it does with real audience.

- To receive engagements on the last Tweet, make sure that you haven't pinned anything. Our NFT accounts always engage with pinned Tweet first.

- Want to get engagement on any other Tweet besides the latest one? Just pin the Tweet and unpin after engagement has arrived.

- If there are 2 tweets that were posted at exactly the same time, one after another, only the last tweet will receive engagement.

- Use any keyword from the "anchor keyword" list and receive comments about that subject. e.g. include a keyword "TAG 3" in your post, and our NFT profiles will tag 3 accounts under your tweet.

- You can come up the custom comments of your own, otherwise we will use our standard "anchor keyword" list.

Max 5000 followers per Twitter page (instant delivery). Need more than 5000 followers? Get up to 100,000 followers with our bulk Crypto / NFT followers service.
The speed of delivery is approximately 5,000 followers per day.

Automatic Engagement Form πŸ‘‡

NFT accounts will automatically engage with your tweet :
- Like ~ 100%
- RT ~ 70%
- Views ~ 130% (video)
- Impressions ~ 80%

NFT accounts will follow your page
NFT accounts will COMMENT on your LAST tweet.
The more, the better - if nothing is provided, our own list of comments will be sent to you for approval.
Format should look like this:
Awesome tweet ! (comment 1)
Best project mate. (comment 2)
Wow, I want to be WL! (comment 3)
Accounts will QUOTE RT the LAST tweet

πŸ€– Smart Engagement feature πŸ€–

Accounts will CHANGE BEHAVIOUR (engage more or less)

1️⃣ If any of the following words are included in your last Tweet, NFT accounts will engage the way you did setup the ratio of Comments / Likes / RT (maximum engagement (100%) : "Giveaway, NFTGiveaway, Contest(s), Tag, Interact, Interaction(s), RT(s), Like(s), Comment(s), Share, Follow(s)"

2️⃣ If tweet contains "AMA" or "ama" πŸ‘‡ Comments about AMA will be written from the child accounts instead of the generic comments.

3️⃣ If tweet contains "Join Discord" πŸ‘‡ Comments about the discord will be written, instead of usual list.

4️⃣ If tweet contains "Partnership" or "Collab" or "Collaborations"πŸ‘‡ Comments about collaborations will be written.

5️⃣ If tweet contains "Drop your metamask address" πŸ‘‡ Child accounts will comment a random metamask address.

6️⃣ If tweet contains "Genesis collection" or "genesis NFT" or "our collection" πŸ‘‡ Child accounts will write a comment about your NFT collection.

7️⃣ If tweet contains "our article" or "our blog"πŸ‘‡ Child accounts will write a generic comment about your blog.

8️⃣ If tweet contains "NFT gallery"πŸ‘‡ Child accounts will write a comment about your NFT gallery.

9️⃣ If tweet contains "Metaverse "πŸ‘‡ Child accounts will write a comment about the Metaverse.

πŸ”Ÿ If tweet contains "Gm "πŸ‘‡ Child accounts will write a "Hello / gm" comment. ⚠️ "Gm " βœ… 1 space is needed. ⚠️ "Gm" ⛔️ "Gm." ⛔️ "Gm!" ⛔️

Accounts will CHANGE BEHAVIOUR (engage more or less)
If none of the keywords above are contained in your Tweet, the less child accounts will engage, with the percentage you want.

Example : "For this tweet guys, please Tag 3 friends πŸ”₯" Then, 100% of the accounts will RT/Likes/Comments (as you did set them up).

But if : "GM Fam. Great Community!" Then, only [Your % of Likes, and 30% of those will be Comments/RT with different amount].

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